Catering Frequently Asked Questions

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check and credit cards. *Please note that all credit card payments have an additional 3% convenience fee added to the total.*
Please click here for a copy of the credit card form and email it back to us to:

Are tastings free?

Tastings are available to clients whose events are 75 guests or larger. A tasting may be scheduled for selected menu items once we create an estimate for you. We will make the final selection from your menu choices which can be a maximum of 5 items from your selections . For each tasting session we charge $25 per person, which will be credited back to your final invoice if you have us cater your event. A maximum credit of $50 will apply for the first 2 guests, any additional guests will not be credited. Your final guest count must remain at or above 75 guests, if it drops below you will not receive a credit.

How much should I order for my event?

When we start to plan your catering order, you will be presented with meal options and packages that are divided per person. This will make it easier for you to determine just how much food to order! Options include per plate, or larger buffet amounts that will feed multiple guests per tray of food.

How much is catering per person?

This is very dependent on the event and the number of guests. Be prepared to spend between $30 - $100 per head; at the higher end if it is for a wedding. Quantity discounts may apply.

What is the difference between corporate and special events catering?

Weddings, anniversaries and general parties fall into the category of special events, whereas corporate events include meetings, conventions and summits. Clients hosting special events will have more of an emotional connection to what we create for them.

Why is wedding catering so expensive?

When you hire a caterer, you are not only getting food, but service as well. Fees rolled into this include wait staff, set-up, vehicle costs and more. Especially if you are having a large wedding, labor expenses will be large due to volume of staff and schedule of food service.

What is included in wedding catering?

This is dependent on what catering package you purchase. A full service one means in addition to food preparation, we will handle everything. This includes table settings, bar service, wait staff and clean up. Picture what would be required at a restaurant, and that is what will be needed at your wedding.

Are service fees gratuity? If not, should I tip the staff?

The service fees are not gratuity. The service fees cover the cost of everything we need to do to prepare for your event before and after your event. There is creative menu planning with our team, delivery of our items, traveling charges, clean up items like towels, small wares, plus coordinating with other vendors involved in your event to make sure everything goes flawlessly plus more. A lot goes into making your event exceptional. Tipping is optional, however, if you feel you have been provided with exceptional service, feel free to tip the staff.

Why hire a caterer?

The short answer is: because caterers know what they’re doing. Caterers have experience. They know how to please your guests and can even suggest great venues for you to host your event at. When looking at your price estimate, keep in mind that a caterer will save you money in the long run by providing invaluable advice and keeping everything together so that you don’t have to. Save your own sanity and hire a caterer!

How far in advance do I have to book wedding catering?

The sooner in better. Many couples book as early as a year in advance! When you know who you want, do not hesitate to book them.

Can you accommodate allergies?

Yes, and any good caterer can. That is the beauty of catering—you meet with us and together we create the perfect meal for your function or event!

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