Corporate Catering in Ridgewood

Do you have an upcoming corporate function or conference?

For many years, business owners have entrusted us with exceptional corporate catering services. We effortlessly create a variety of delicious, wholesome dishes which will be the highlight of any corporate event.

Our highly-experienced caterers are committed to using fresh ingredients, locally-sourced whenever possible. With our flair for presentation and arrangements, our catering looks every bit as good as it tastes.

Whether your event has twenty guests, or over two hundred, you can be confident in the uncompromising quality of Ridgewood Catering’s corporate catering.

To obtain a free estimate for your corporate event’s catering, contact us today. We look forward to serving you!

Full-Service Corporate Caterers in Ridgewood

When you’re planning or participating in a large-scale corporate event or function, you’ll know it can be a logistical challenge. Booking a venue, preparing presentations, and organizing programs are just some of the steps you have to take to ensure your event runs smoothly. This leaves very little room for planning, preparation, and serving of a meal. The world-class caterers at Ridgewood Catering are ready to take care of your corporate catering services. After all, you have enough on your plate!

As a leading Ridgewood caterer, we have the resources to oversee all aspects of a perfect meal. You’ll enjoy not only delectable food, but impeccable service by our expert staff. Set-up, transportation, serving, and cleaning will be done with incredible efficiency and diligence.

We are capable of creating a tremendous array of dishes to suit your event and guests. With our extensive meals, you are certain to find the perfect food to serve for your event. Our chefs are always happy to advise and recommend options for dishes. Whether you’d like to serve a sit-down feast, or a buffet-style spread, we are committed to ensuring your corporate catering is well-suited to the tone of your event.

With our team of caterers by your side, you and your associates will enjoy a fantastic variety of delicious food and an unparalleled quality of service. Following the meal, we’ll tidy and pack up as promptly as we arrived.

Best of all, we’re pleased to provide our outstanding services at affordable prices.

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Conference and Event Catering Services

We have many different catering options to suit every taste. We have a breakfast and brunch menu, BBQ menu, buffet dinner menu, and food station menu, as well as bar packages. Our caterers can happily accommodate those with allergies or dietary restrictions. If you’d like to serve a dish that you don’t see listed on the menu, our chefs will be able to prepare that as well.

Our team of full-service caterers includes chefs, grill chefs, cooks, bartenders, utility persons, waiters, captains, and runners. Each member of our staff is trained to deliver the highest level of service to your guests. The number of personnel required will depend on how many people will attend the event.

Ridgewood Catering guarantees your complete satisfaction with our corporate catering services. Contact us to learn more!